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I am a potter and a Photoshop artist and teacher. Spiritually, I am a former Catholic, and now I am a Born-again, Spirit-filled Christian. I was raised in New Mexico, which had more than its share of problems with Pedophile Priests, because of the infamous Paraclete Center, for "alcoholic priests" (read pedophiles) in Pecos. I have followed the Priest Pedophilia Scandal in all English-speaking nations, from the earliest days that it hit the press, because someone very close to me and several of my male friends were abused by priests in our diocese and in two neighboring dioceses. I am an old, hippy activist, and I love getting into the thick of things, particularly if it involves the way we were brain-washed as Catholics. Trying to get current Catholic Pew Potatoes to see the duplicity and insincerity of bishops, archbishops, cardinals and popes has been one of my passions. Am I crazy (question mark broken), probably! Is there a reason for it; most definitely! Being raised Catholic.

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